The Leaders



Chris Matthews

Likely to find him: In prison, filling in funding application forms or                                     being Mal Pope’s stunt double.

We Love:                 His ability to see both sides, his incisive wit                                             and bathing in the sunshine reflected from his                                       head.

Claim to fame:       He once came second in an egg and spoon                                             race - without cheating!


Tim Brown

Likely to find him: Carving through an intestinal wall.

We Love:                 His loyalty to Leeds FC, the way he says                                                 ‘becoss’ and his surgical skills. Rarely in the                                             history of gastroenterointestinolology has so                                         much been owed by so many to so few ... or                                           one man.

Claim to fame:       He was the youngest man to go down the                                             Amazon in a coracle (not true) 


Phil Sampson

Likely to find her: Running 26 miles for fun or tending to the                                                       needy.   

We Love:                Her gentleness, her commitment and the fact                                        that if we got stuck on the moors miles from                                        anywhere she could run for help. 

Claim to fame:       She can get her whole fist in her mouth and                                           fold her tongue in half, although not                                                       necessarily at the same time.


Ben Evans

Likely to find him: Convincing the next generation that                                                        engineering is cool or in the sea surfing. 

We Love:                 His creativity and energy, his PHENOMENAL use                                   of superlatives and his ability to sleep during the                                   day.

Claim to fame:       He is part of the Bloodhound SSC design                                               team, who are hoping to break the land speed                                       record by travelling at 1000mph.