There are lots of asylum seekers and refugees in Swansea from a number of countries. For many the journey has been all about survival. Our vision is to help those arriving begin a new life here in Swansea, to thrive and bloom!

Bloom welcomes asylum seekers and refugees to our City and focuses on helping them integrate and flourish. Bloom works through home visits, friendship, creating volunteering opportunities, resources to help create comfortable and safe homes and so much more.

Thank You Swansea Films

'Thank you Swansea' is a celebration of the refugee and asylum seeker community though film and photography. It is a collaboration between Bloom, Red Media, Our Beautiful Adventure and Simeon Smith.

If you would like to book a screening of the Thank You Swansea filmed (6 five minute films) then please get in touch for further information:

Red Cafe 01792 362122