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About Red Cafe

Our mission is to bring people together and help build good relationships. It’s straightforward grass roots stuff really. We love the fact that one of Swansea’s goals is to be a city where everyone matters because that’s just what we think too. Every person is important!

Maybe one of the words that best sums up what Red Café is all about is shalom. It’s one we’ve borrowed from Hebrew culture and it’s pretty difficult to translate into English in less than a paragraph! The nearest we can get are words like wholeness and completeness


It’s about well being.

And not just on the outside but on the inside too. 

In hearts and spirits.

It’s about peace,




and harmony.

We like the idea of possibility and we are excited by what is yet to be! Inspired by faith and energised by hope we believe that Red Café can be a place of discovery, development and shalom.



Fair Trade and Sustainability

Whether its fruit juice, chocolate, peanut butter, pasta, rice, jam or rubber gloves there are all sorts of fairly traded products regularly used by Red Café. Producers in poor countries receive a fair and stable price or wage for their goods. So buying Fair Trade is a way of doing something to bring about a better, more generous world. Now that's something we think sounds worth doing.


We’re excited to partner with Peg 2, serving up the best coffee and food but also doing so much more!

Square Peg’s vision is to be a global example that business can be done differently.

Their vision is about a business that gives back to its community in PROFITS, QUALITY & LOVE.

Working together with Square Peg we’re excited what more we can achieve: the aim is to run a Peg apprenticeship program in order to help partner with other charities and organisations to help NEET’s, long term unemployed and those needing a helping hand (such as those coming out of trafficking). 

We believe we can achieve more when we work together, from it’s inception Red Cafe was about Bringing People Together, and we’re excited how we can ‘Bring EVEN MORE People Together’ with Peg 2.