For us being a church community in which all are, and feel welcomed and included is a work in progress: we aim to be a place of welcome and inclusion for all of God’s children.  


We hope to provide opportunities to connect with others, to worship God and to explore how the truths and traditions of the Christian faith can help make sense of the messiness of human experience.  Holding closely to the truth of the Scriptures and wrestling with how to appropriately interpret this inspired library of books, we confess that we don’t have all the answers. Members of the  ‘family’ of the church may hold a range of views about all sorts of things, including sexuality and gender identity, but in our church it is OK to be a Christian and identify as LGBTQI. 


We value the creation and holding of a space where we are able to explore and develop our understanding of ourselves, each other and of God, all from a position of acceptance, love and respect for each other. 


We hope that someone coming to Linden will find a place to belong and to believe, to worship and to pray, a place where    no-one needs to conceal any part of who they are, where everyone feels safe and supported in their journey of faith and life.